Premises & Office space

Dreaming of space. A way to stay “spaced out”?

Office Center

“Top quality in real-time” – these attributes are not only your guarantee of sustainable success for your customers, but are also the credo of the Office Center in Zug. Real-time since we guarantee the immediate availability of premises and space at the Office Centre. Top quality since every room is not only prestigiously furnished, but also equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as WiFi internet connections.

Our shared and centrally pooled infrastructure and space boost the efficiency of our services and enable us to keep our prices low, benefits that we pass on to our customers. At the Office Center, you also profit from a healthy and active combination of different business branches and models. Prepare to be inspired and exploit a socially networked environment!

Business Center

A small overview of the different offers of the Business Center:

  • Office space | Seminar and meeting rooms Fully furnished, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed if required
  • Telephone and e-mail-service | Assistance and office services Taking care of phone calls, e-mail communication (multilingual if required), postal administration
  • Accounts | Management Account entry and processing
  • Staff management | Planning Hiring and taking care of staff, human resources
  • Consultancy | Support Full, in-house IT support for computers and internet
  • Internet presence | Marketing Possibility to present your own company on the internet (in-house Office Center service)
  • Representation | Corporate identity Presence with your corporate design on the Office Center’s boards and nameplate in the foyer