Company foundations & Start-ups

Support from the very start. Top-quality advices from the word go.

Legal form

One of the most important questions at the beginning is: which legal form is best for my company? A public company, a limited liability company or even a sole proprietorship? What are the consequences of my decision? Our advisory team will help you make the right choice and will be pleased to show you every option, down to the smallest detail.

Taxation issues | Capital

What specific taxation applies to my company? What rates currently apply? Many questions on topics like taxation and capital are impossible to answer without the right advice. Why not contact our expert legal team of taxation and asset advisers to find the optimum solution to your requirements? 


Planning and organisation processes require training. The right infrastructure and organisation start with little things. For example, material acquisition or the appropriate computer network and software. Your company’s success is also based on professional staff planning and the economical use of resources like time and capital. Why not contact Eco-Tax Call and benefit from our know-how?